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Who we work with

  We will work with anyone who takes the future of our seas as seriously as we do. Over the years that means we’ve sat at the table and given advice to the United Nations and the UK Government as well as globally recognised NGO’s. Here are a few of the people we put our shoulder to the wheel with.



The Marine Stewardship Council was one of the first certification schemes for sustainable fishing. It is robustly scientific and collaborates globally with fisheries, seafood companies, conservation groups and marine scientists. Focusing on wild caught fish rather than aquaculture, it ensures fisheries are not over-fishing their stock and, as well as encouraging biodiversity, looks for evidence that a fishery works to recover stocks where they are depleted.

Marine Conservation Society UK (MCS UK) -

A consumer facing, non-governmental organisation that campaigns on a range of marine issues including wildlife protection, sustainable fisheries and clean seas and beaches. It advises industry on sustainable fishing practices and how to reduce their environmental impact and has an influence on government policy. It aims to give customers the information they need to make sustainable choices with its good fish guide.

Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) -

An international, non-profit trade association dedicated to more environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. It is an speaks for aquaculture across the world, shares and promotes best practice and coordinates international and governmental aquaculture policies. It ensures and accredits compliance through its Best Aquaculture Practices certification standards. These cover a farm’s environmental and social responsibility, community and employee relations, animal welfare, food safety and traceability, biodiversity practices and soil and water management.

GlobalGAP -

An independent, global, private sector organisation that sets voluntary and certifiable standards for agricultural and aquacultural products. It does not govern the practices of wild capture fisheries. It was formed to reassure consumers about the integrity of food production by minimising detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety and animal welfare. Referred to as a pre-farm-gate standard, it covers all the activities within the farm until the product leaves for distribution.

Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) -

Based in the famous Cannery Row, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is a member of Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, a group of 16 conservation organisations across North America who are working for a future of sustainable seafood. As well as increasing consumer demand for sustainable seafood through its Seafood Watch communication strategy, it informs businesses and fisheries on farm policy best practice. It routinely engages scientists to research and evaluate the sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture operations worldwide and publicises the findings online and in print.