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Fish & seafood outlook

Fish & seafood outlook

What's happening in the market in May


  • Salmon – High prices driven by reduced supply and healthy world market demand, should ease back when 2017 generation fish start entering themarket.
  • Cod & Haddock – Price reductions expected due to the start of the seine fishing season.
  • Bass & Bream – Steady availability and prices on Bream, Bass farms slowly running out on old generation fish which impacts prices.
  • Exotics – Start of the annual fishing ban on the East coast of India – patchy supply expected.
  • Flatfish – Warmer waters encourage better availability and lower prices.
  • Best of Skipper’s Catch: Dover Sole, Black Bream, Pollack, Ray, Plaice

CURRENCY: Pound's recent strong run, mainly driven by rising interest rates set by the Bank of England, makes Sterling the best performing major currency in 2018 so far. There is an expectation, however, for the currency to fall back a little from its current highs. Against the US Dollar, Pound trades at its highest level since the Brexit referendum, having achieved around 1.43. The British Pound has also leapt to an 11 month high against the Euro, and is currently trading at 1.15. The Pound to Norwegian Kroner exchange rate has recently been seen within a range of between 11.00 and 11.2 NOK. (as of 17th April 2018).


- Salmon costs rose by more than 40% driven by reduced supply and healthy world market demand with customers continuing to purchase Salmon despite inflated prices. Expectation is for a gradual decrease in pricing in Q3 as 2017 generation fish are phased into harvesting schedules.

- Water temperatures are also rising slowly, which helps with improved fish growth rates.


- We are expecting price reductions in general as the month progresses and fishing improves however, some grades may see bigger reductions than others.

- This is due to the seine fishing season having finally started, after a slight delay, therefore more fish will be available.


- Mediterranean Sea Bream availability and price should remain steady.

- Bass prices will continue to climb on 400-600g and 600-800g grades and we will see limited availability on the larger Bass 1kg+.

- The increase in Bass prices is mainly driven by farmers slowly running out of old generation stocks and the GBP-EUR exchange rate fluctuating frequently.


- The annual fishing ban on the East coast of India, to help fish stocks to recover, have started mid April. We expect patchy supply from here and will be reliant on the availability from the West Coast.

- Ramadan starts 15th May through to 14th June so we expect increases on pricing and difficult availability with no stocks coming from Oman.


- Flatfish – Higher water temperatures should help increase landings which in turn will bring prices down on Brill, Dover Sole, Megrim, Plaice and Turbot.

- Crab – Native Crab prices are still under pressure due to declining landings and high demand for live Crab from outside the UK.

- Lobsters – More fishing areas are opening up in Canada so we will see better availability and prices easing back.


- As a consequence of the latest evidence and MCS’s classification of wild Bass as RED 5 rated, M&J will not sell this species.

- Until stocks show signs of recovery, we will continue to promote sustainable alternatives to wild Sea Bass.


- Global availability of cooked and peeled Prawns is expected to reduce in 2018 by approx. 6% with the increase in Greenland offsetting most of the decrease in Canada affected by quota cuts.

- Despite the strengthening of Sterling, prices continued to rise throughout the 2017 season, particularly on the larger sizes, 125-175+. This trend is also set to continue in 2018.

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