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Smoked Salmon

You don't want to be messing around with any old supplier when it comes to buying smoked salmon. Come to the best. All of our Salmon range is sourced responsibly and smoked over oak chips in traditional smokers.

So whether you are looking for something new and exciting or a bit more classic then come to us, we've got the lot.

Campbell & Neill

New & exclusive. This fantastic Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) accredited premium smoked Salmon is made the old fashioned way. Hand trimmed, cured for a whole day and then hung for a further day, which gives its special texture. It's then traditionally smoked over oak chips from old Whisky and Calvados casks and rested.

SC230E (D-cut, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

SC200L (long-sliced, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

SC110B (unsliced, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg


Speciality Smoked Salmon

S21910 NEW Smoked Salmon Side in Orange, Fennel Pollen & Dill (V-sliced, skinless) 0.8-1.4kg

S21909 NEW Smoked Salmon Side in Yuzu, Ginger & Shiso (D-cut, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

S07837 Stout Cured Smoked Salmon Side (D-cut, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

S13803 Stout Cured Smoked Salmon (D-cut, skinless) 500g

S12404 Frozen Sloe Gin Cured Smoked Salmon (D-cut, skinless) 500g

Packs of Smoked Salmon Slices

SS400K Banquet (long-sliced, skinless) 1kg

SS500D (D-cut, skinless) 500g

SS400C (long-sliced, skinless) 500g

SS470E (long-sliced, skinless) 454g

SS400B (long-sliced, skinless) 250g

S21218 NEW Frozen ASC (D-cut, skinless) 250g

S21219 NEW Frozen (D-cut, skinless) 250g

SS400A (long-sliced skinless) 100g

Whole Smoked Salmon Sides

SS230E (D-Cut, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

SS230B (D-cut, skinless) 0.8-1.4kg

SS200L (long-sliced, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

SS110B (unsliced, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg


A Nordic traditional dish dating from when Salmon was buried and fermented. Now typically cured in salt, sugar and dill.

SS530B Gravadlax Side (D-cut, skin-on) 0.8-1.4kg

P53127 Beetroot Gravadlax Side (skinless) 0.8-1.4kg

P17408 Plain Gravadlax Side (without dill, D-cut, skinless) 0.8-1.4kg