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Safely sourced seafood list

Sustainability made easy

You’re probably running a busy kitchen. Working out a menu that’s responsible and sustainable can take time you don’t have. We’ve made it easy for you.


If you use fish and seafood from our Safely Sourced Seafood List for your menu, it means you can be part of the Fish2fork, Sustainable Restaurant Association and the Sustainable Fish Cities schemes. All schemes that prove to customers that you have one of the most sustainable menus around.

The Safely Sourced Seafood List is a regularly updated list of over 300 fish and seafood products that are rated 1-3 by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) or certified sustainable to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) environmental standard.

This means that fisheries and farms that the fish and seafood comes from have a lower risk damaging and having long lasting impacts to our marine environment through over-fishing, by-catch of vulnerable species and changes to habitats.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it gives you confidence that you are making some of the most responsible choices when ­­­sourcing seafood on the planet.

To get your copy of the list click here.