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Filleting Plaice - Cross Cut

Filleting Plaice - Cross Cut

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you how to carefully and efficiently cross cut fillet plaice, whether it’s for a great home cooked meal or for your seafood restaurant. Plaice is a flatfish with tender flesh, native to the UK. High in protein and low in calories, plaice is a favoured choice of fish due to its subtle flavour. Available all year round, it’s best from May to January. In between this season, the fish spawns and can be watery and soft. Despite the bones of plaice being easy to remove, cooking plaice with the bones intact can give it a more flavoursome profile.

Because the skin of the plaice is somewhat tough, filleting this fish can be tricky. However, this video shows you how to remove the skin carefully and expertly, so that you can prepare your plaice like a pro. Due to the mild sweet flavour of the fish, it is best paired with simple ingredients that will not overpower it. We reckon that the best way to prepare and serve plaice is to shallow fry, grill or bake, and pair with a light salad or an array of lightly roasted vegetables. Sauces such as lemon and herb, ginger or tartar are also ideal for plaice, as they don’t overpower the flavour.

Dip into some more of our filleting knowledge to learn the best ways to prepare Lemon Sole, Salmon, Mackerel and other types of fish. Looking for more of our delicious products? Have a look at our range of responsibly sourced fish.

  • Holding the fish by the tail (dark side up) make a half moon cut at the base of the tail.
  • Going from tail to head with the knife, release the fillet from the frame to a depth of 10mm.
  • Then going from head to tail release the fillet until you reach the middle of the fish.
  • Turn the fish so the head is pointing towards you, score round the head.
  • Holding up the fillet, cut through the rib bone and release the fillet fully from the frame.
  • Repeat the process on the white skin side
  • To finish, trim off any remaining rib bones