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Preparing Squid - How To

Preparing Squid - How To

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you the most uncomplicated and accurate method of filleting squid, perfect for a range of dishes. From a hearty fish dish at home to a gourmet meal at your seafood restaurant, Squid is versatile and ideal for many recipes. Squid are cephalopods which are almost entirely edible aside from the beak and gladius, ensuring reduced waste. Squid is featured in various different cuisines including Egyptian, Korean, Portuguese and Turkish to name a few. Squid is full of protein, low in fat and is considered to be a good food source for zinc and manganese. Squid is most readily available from the end of August to the beginning of December. You can even include Squid ink into many recipes to get the most out of your squid.

As mentioned before, squid is a versatile ingredient to many a recipe and can be cooked in a  variety of ways. Due to the beak and gladius being inedible, the removal of these parts can be a delicate and finicky process which is why this video walks you through the simplest method of filleting so that you can enjoy your Squid at home. Despite the popular use of Squid for Calamari, Squid can also feature in a variety of pasta recipes. Our favourite ways to cook Squid include grilling and pan-frying to reach the perfect tender texture that Squid is famous for.

From Gurnard to Sardines, we have a range of filleting knowledge videos, perfect for teaching yourself how to fillet a range of our products. Searching for more of our tasty products? Have a dip into our range of responsibly sourced fish.

Release the sides of the prepared squid tube with your knife and cut the tube in half.

With the back of your knife, remove the membrane, using a dry cloth for any excess.

Gently score the squid with the tip of your knife and repeat in the opposite direction, creating a diamond shape.

Repeat on the second piece.