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Filleting Gurnard

Filleting Gurnard

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you how to correctly fillet Gurnard for the perfect fish dish at home or as part of your seafood restaurant. Gurnard is a lean, firm fish, native to the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans. The fish head of Gurnard makes a great fish stock so you don’t waste a single scrap. The best time for Gurnard is late summer until the end of winter as during spring and early summer months is their spawning season.

As it is a bony fish, this video shows you how to remove some of the smaller bones and spiky fins so that you can prepare your Gurnard is the best way possible. We reckon the best dishes for gurnard are soups, bouillabaisse or herb and vegetable stuffed fish. How to cook it? You can try baking, grilling, poaching and shallow frying;  take free rein to experiment with how you serve this fish. Roasting a Gurnard whole or pan-frying it creates a crispy skin which makes for an appetising fish dish.

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