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Whole Gurnard Skinning

Whole Gurnard Skinning

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you the most effective and simple way to accurately skin whole Gurnard. Perfect for the very best fish dishes, at home or on your menu. Gurnard is a firm and lean white-fleshed fish, native to both the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. Gurnard fish heads are ideal for making a tasty stock, allowing you to get the most out of your fish.

October to March is when Gurnard is at its best. This is both for quality and availability. Due to its mild flavour, Gurnard is great for a range of recipes, making it a popular choice. While Gurnard was only seen as bait in the past, it is now considered an excellent sustainable alternative to other popular fish.

Due to the spiky nature of the fish’s fins and skin, it can be difficult to correctly skin. This video is a demonstration of the most efficient way to remove the skin from the fish’s flesh. Meaning that you can perfectly prepare your Gurnard at home. Because of the mild taste of this fish, it is ideal for stocks and soups. For a less traditional dish, try stuffing your fish with vegetables and herbs, or chuck it in your fish curry. We think that the best way to cook Gurnard is by roasting, pan frying or stewing.

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  • By using the heel of the knife, place it under the scaly plate on the back of the fish; work up the fish using a cloth to protect your fingers.
  • Cut through theback bone.
  • Score the fish either side of the anal fin.
  • Place the fish on it’s back and with a cloth protecting your fingers, snap the head toward the belly.
  • Hold the exposed flesh with the cloth and pull off the skin.
  • Remove the blood line.
  • Lay the cylinder of flesh onit’s side and by using the frame as a guide remove the fillet.
  • Repeat the process for the second side.
  • Remove the rib cage from both fillets.
  • Locate and remove the pin bones.