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Filleting Pan Ready Lemon Sole

Filleting Pan Ready Lemon Sole

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you how to correctly fillet pan-ready Lemon Sole for a fish dish that hits the spot, at home or as part of your seafood menu. Lemon Sole is a firm flatfish that is native to Northern Europe. While the small bones of Lemon Sole are removable, cooking methods often include keeping the bones for added flavour, ensuring no wastage. The ideal season for Lemon Sole is during late spring to early autumn. Due to the sweet and delicate flesh of the fish, Lemon Sole is a popular choice.

The skin of the fish means it can be difficult to fillet Lemon Sole correctly. This video demonstrates how to effectively remove the skin from the flesh, allowing you to prepare your Lemon Sole perfectly. We believe that the best way to enjoy Lemon Sole is grilled, steamed or baked. Because of the sweet but delicate flavour of Lemon Sole, it is best served a light creamy sauce or a lemon and herb based sauce. Lemon Sole also makes great battered fish.

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  • With the head of the fish pointing toward you, score around the head by just breaking the surface of the skin.
  • Taking your knife, create a small flap of skin.
  • Take a clean cloth and pinch the flap of skin between the cloth and your thumb.
  • With a firm grip, run your thumb from head to tail.
  • Then gripping the centre part of the skin, gently roll the skin from the fish.
  • Remove the tail, trim off the fins and remove the head.
  • Lastly, remove the bloodline using the tip of the scissors.