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Filleting Turbot - Cross Cut Fillet

Filleting Turbot - Cross Cut Fillet

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you how to correct fillet Turbot with the cross-cut method, for the ultimate fish dish in your kitchen at home or as part of a restaurant menu. Turbot is a firm flatfish, local to the North Atlantic, Baltic and Mediterranean seas. It’s delicate flavour profile and large fillet portions are why it is one of the most popular flatfish in the UK. Turbot is most readily available during late summer until the end of winter.

As it is a flat fish, which can be tricky to fillet, this video demonstrates how to effectively remove the flesh as a whole so you can prepare your Turbot flawlessly. We think that Turbot is best enjoyed roasted, pan-fried or grilled. Because of the delicious but gentle flavour of Turbot, it is best served with a light sauce like hollandaise, white wine or lemon and herb. Turbot also goes swimmingly in a hearty fish stew.

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