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Meet our award winning fishmongers

Meet our award winning fishmongers

Our fishmongers. The pride of M&J. Yet again our team did us proud at the National Federation of Fishmongers (NFF) British Fish Craft Championships this August bank holiday weekend.

Night after night, our fishmongers graft to fillet and prep fresh fish for delivery to your kitchen the next morning. There are years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship in every one of our branches. And each year our team come out to show off their skills at the annual championships.

This year, Sarah from Farnham branch showed the lads how it’s done. She’s our first female fishmonger to compete. She did a cracking job, winning the Fish Craft Challenge class. Her passion and skill impressed the judges so much they also awarded her the Golden Jubilee Challenge Cup. This special award for the fishmonger who caught the judges’ eye is a one-off to celebrate the competition’s 50th anniversary. Great stuff Sarah!

Of course, our lads did a sterling job too. Overall we won awards in 10 different categories. Here’s a full list of our results.

The Fish Craft Challenge

1st - Sarah Webber - Farnham

Marine Harvest Salmon Championship

1st - Paul Darling - Smethwick

3rd - Rob Cleaver - Smethwick

4th - Gopal Nandy - Smethwick

Flatfish Traditional Fish of the Sea Championship

3rd - Lionel Raguenet - Broxburn

GAA Aquaculture Championship

2nd - Paul Darling - Smethwick

4th - Shane Webber - Farnham

Sterling White Halibut Championship

3rd - Shane Webber - Farnham

M&J Seafood MSC Championship

3rd - Lionel Raguenet - Broxburn

4th - Gracjan Krzyweicki - Farnham

Dawnfresh Trout Championship

3rd - Gopal Nandy - Smethwick

Falfish Fishmongers Championship

3rd - Gopal Nandy - Smethwick

Collage Championship

3rd - Gopal Nandy - Smethwick

The Saucy Fish Co. Portion Cut Championship

2nd - Gopal Nandy - Smethwick

The Golden Jubilee Perpetual Challenge Cup

Sarah Webber - Farnham

Well done team, we couldn’t be prouder.