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Whitby Seafoods

Bloomin' Special seafood for your menu

Let's face it, who doesn't want iconic Whitby Seafoods on their menu? Check out Whitby Seafoods' latest top-notch products now available for your menu. It's more than just Scampi.

Call your local branch to give them a try today; your customers will love you for it.

FREE POS - if you have Whitby Scampi on your menu, you can claim your POS kit including greaseproof paper, a swingboard and napkins directly from Whitby Seafoods.

Dusted Squid Chipirones

These bite size Squid, traditionally used in Spanish tapas, will fit perfectly with the current food trends, from sharing plates to hand-held and easy to eat dishes.

Serving Suggestion: Flaming Squid Tacos - top lightly grilled tacos with pink pickled onions and coriander and add delicious Dusted Squid Chipirones.

Whitby Seafoods Dusted Squid Chipirones 1 x 450g. Code: S20722

Breaded Peri Peri Prawns

Juicy prawns marinated in crispy breadcrumbs. A trendy flavour profile and Acquaculture Stewardship Council certified, these sustainable and spicy Prawns will surely give your menu a bit of a kick.

Serving suggestion: Peri Peri Prawn Burger with pineapple salsa and pea mash served with a side of roasted corn on the cob.

Whitby Seafoods Breaded Peri Peri Prawns 1 x 450g. Code: G20723

Ovenable Wholetail Scampi

These crispy golden nuggets hide a centre full of lovely meaty texture of succulent British Langoustine tails, and can be either oven cooked, deep fried or grilled.

Serving Suggestion: A great twist on traditional sliders. Add a piece of wholetail Scampi and some crunchy pink slaw to a mini brioche bun.  

Whitby Seafoods Ovenable Wholetail Scampi 1 x 700g. Code: A18781

Battered Wholetail Scampi

Succulent wholetail scampi with a twist. These British Langoustine tails are coated in a light, crispy batter.

Serving suggestion: With a creamy Cajun dip, salad and sweet potato wedges.

Whitby Seafoods Battered Wholetail Scampi 1 x 450g (30 per lb). Code: A18782