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Valentine's Day menu inspirations

Looking for some inspiration for your Valentine's Day menu? Look no further. Our Development Chef, Jason, has shared some of his favourite fish and seafood dishes that are sure to win the hearts of your customers this St Valentine's Day.

Grilled King Prawns

Whole raw King Prawns are made for grilling. Start by seasoning with salt and add a few splashes of oil then gently grill and season with your favourite spices. We have used a mixture of crushed cocoa nibs, chilli flakes, oregano, smoked paprika and lime.

Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche

Simply arrange slices of the smoked Salmon of your choice on a plate, top with pickled fennel & a spoonfull of creme fraiche. Our delicious Smoked Salmon in Orange, Fennel Pollen & Dill will be just perfect for this dish.

Prawn Ceviche Cocktail

For a twist on the classic Prawn cocktail, marinate your favourite cooked & peeled Prawns with lime juice, chilli, sliced red onions, cherry tomatoes and olive oil then build in a cocktail glass with crisp lettuce and croutons. Yum.

Tuna Carpaccio

Top notch ready to eat Carpaccio made from sashimi grade Yellowfin Tuna loin. Just defrost it in the fridge overnight then dress - but keep it simple, e.g. drizzle with mascarpone cream and your favourite herbs, season with sea salt, olive oil and lime juice.

Seacuterie Platter

Seafood to share on Valentine's Day has to be a winner. Just pick a selection of quality smoked Salmon and cured fish, and arrange them all on a board. Simple.

Our top picks: Sloe Gin Cured Smoked Salmon, Smoked Salmon in Orange, Fennel Pollen & Dill, Hot Smoked Salmon Pate & Hot Smoked Anchovies.

Oysters & Fennel Granita

Nothing says Valentine's like an all-you-can-eat spread of Oysters. You can fry them, poach them or serve raw classic-style with lemon/tobasco. Or even better, drain the juice from our Pickled Fennel into a tray and freeze overnight. Crush up with a fork and keep in portions ready to serve with freshly opened Oysters.

For a guaranteed Norovirus-free experience, go with our Pyfleet Pure Oysters.

Skrei Cod with Cockles

Skrei - the Rolls-Royce of Cod. Simply crisp up the skin & roast your fish gently in butter. Carefully clean and steam open our Poole Bay Cockles in a little cider or white wine with garlic and chopped shallots. Add butter to thicken the juices, season with lemon juice then throw in a handfull of fresh green herbs like basil, sorrel, tarragon and dill. Serve together in a bowl with fresh crusty bread to mop up the juices.

Pine Roasted Salmon

Make the most of the wintery flavours by lightly curing for 12 hours a portion of Salmon (or Sea Reared Trout) with a salt and sugar mixture blitzed with Douglas fir. Wash off the salt, then crisp up the skin and roast until juicy and pink in the center. Serve with a salad made with sliced oranges, clementines or bergamot, pickled fennel and pine nuts, drizzled with pine needle infused oil.