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Seafood Week: 4-11 October


Seafood Week is back and we've partnered up with Seafish again to help you get more of your customers tucking into the good stuff. With different fish & seafood every day, we’ve got you covered. With plenty of Seafood Week deals in our October-November edition of Splash and some great menu inspirations from our Development Chef Jason Calcutt, it’s time for you to celebrate with us and get more fish & seafood on your menu. 

Day 1: Mackerel

Warm Baked Pickled Mackerel

You can use fresh Mackerel and pickle it yourself, but if you're up against time in the kitchen, simply pop our pickled MSC Scottish Mackerel Fillets on a tray and bake in some of the pickling liquor containing chunks of onions & carrots. Serve with a nice slice of fresh bread.

We recommend our Q25722 Chilled Sweetcure Pickled MSC Mackerel 1 x 2kg

Day 2: Prawns

BBQ Prawns with Chipotle Salsa, Tortilla Crumb, Lime & Coriander

Simply grill some whole Prawns with a tangy spicy chipotle sauce or serve these Prawns straight off the barbeque. Top up with a sprinkling of  coriander and crispy fried tortilla crumbs for a bit of a crunch. Serve with a wedge of lime.

You'll find a great deal on Prawns in October on our Splash promotion

Day 3: Plaice

Grilled Plaice with Poole Bay Clams & Shellfish Bisque

It can't get any easier - score the skin on the Plaice, rub with butter, season and then grill; wash Clams well (our live MSC Poole Manila Clams will be spot on here), then steam them open with a shellfish bisque and serve everything with a seared lemon. Done.

Have a look at our lovely selection of fresh Plaice

Day 4: Scallops

King Scallops with Mushy Peas, Mushrooms & Truffle Dressing
Scallops in full shell, half shell, fully shucked, with roe on or roeless - whatever you need, we've got it covered. You just add your favourite seasonal flavours - here Jason has mixed some punchy flavours to suit the superb King Scallops.
All our King & Queen Scallops can be found here

Day 5: Mussels

Malabar-style Baked Fowey Mussels with Lime & Coriander

To make this dish, you'd need some large and meaty Mussels, and the ones we get from Fowey will be just perfect. Clean and gently steam them open before serving on the half shell glazed with your favourite curry sauce. That's your start or a sharing platter sorted.

See our range of Mussels

Day 6: Hake

Teriyaki Hake with Rice Noodles & Stir-fried Asian Greens

Popularity of Hake in the UK has soared over the last couple of years. No surprise as Hake's lovely flesh lends itself to a myriad of flavours. We've marinated our fish in soy, garlic and ginger, before searing it on the hot grill and serving with a sticky sauce made from the marinade.

Looking for fresh or frozen Hake? This way

Day 7: Crab

Dressed Crab with Rapeseed Mayo, Pickled Fennel & Nasturtium Salad

Some foods are meant to be served simple. Our no-fuss dressed Crab won't need much more than a dollop of mayo made with extra virgin rapeseed oil and a little salad on the side. 

Here you'll find a selection of dressed Crab plus a lot of other Crab products

Day 8: Fish & chips

Battered Fish, Samphire Fritters & Pickled Cucumbers

Why not try this lighter twist on the traditional fish & chips. Start with lightly coating fish in a crispy gluten-free batter laced with fresh mixed herbs. Serve with pickled cucumbers and a handful of Samphire coated in the same herby batter.

Perfect for this recipe - FPOL15 Fresh Pollack Supremes (skin on, boneless) 140-170g