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Easter Menu Inspirations


Looking for fresh and on-trend ideas for your Easter menu? Our Development Chef, Jason, is here to help with some of his smashing cooking tips and serving suggestions, using the best of the fish & seafood out there. All these cracking products are available from us right now. Just give your local branch a call.

Lobster Superfood Salad

The ultimate super-salad. Carefully poach a Lobster keeping it juicy, then remove the meat - ideally whilst warm as it will come out of the shell easier. Cut your Lobster up into portions and serve on a multigrain salad combined with roasted vegetables, tomatoes & watercress. Drizzle with Crab mayonnaise & olive oil. 

Piri Piri King Prawn Skewers with Quinoa Salad

There is no Easter menu without succulent King Prawns, just like the ones we have on our Splash promotion. Start with making a marinade with garlic, chilli, lemon & herbs - then use half of it to marinate the Prawns. Put the Prawns & some veggies onto skewers, and simply grill until lightly charred. Sit the skewers on the quinoa, vegetable & watercress salad, and drizzle over with the remainder of the piri piri dressing.

Crab Bisque with Pickled Fennel

Crab's brown meat is great for making a flavourful creamy soup. Simply combine the meat with roasted vegetables, tomato & herbs, flame with Pernod then blend with Crab stock & cream. Serve topped with the white flaky Crab meat & pickled fennel shavings. For our cracking quality Crab, visit us here.

Baked Winterborne Trout with Wild Garlic & Quinoa Salad

These fine Winterborne Rainbows are farmed in chalk stream waters in Dorset and are now available from M&J. They stand on their own very well so keep it simple - here Jason has baked some fillets with wild garlic leaves, salt & a little olive oil, then served with a salad of braised quinoa tossed with plenty of fresh herbs and sweet & sour pickled red onions.

Sumac Roasted Salmon with Potato Salad & Pea Tzatziki

Here's a simple & on-trend Easter specials board option - top your Salmon portions with ground sumac spice & salt, then bake for 10 minutes. Also give a bit of a twist to the classic Tzatziki by adding chopped peas. Serve on top of potatoe & watercress salad, and drizzle with mint herb oil. Running short on Salmon? Give us a shout.

Baked Whole Plaice with Clams & Shellfish Sauce

Plaice is now at its best so get some of our as-fresh-as-it-gets Skipper's Catch fish landed in Brighton. To show off those gorgeous orange spots, use a whole Plaice with skin on but our pan-ready option will be great too. Simply bake for 10 minutes with butter & salt, while steaming open some Clams with garlic, shallots, white wine cream, tomato, samphire & herbs. 

Roasted Cod Loin with Tomato Confit & Sea Vegetables

A little idea for those chunky Cod portions. Firstly cook down some overripe tomatoes with sugar, vinegar, salt & herbs to make a kind of fresh ketchup. Roast the Cod loin, crisp up the skin then serve with wilted samphire, seaweed, Portland, greens & confit cherry tomatoes.

Seared Sea Bass with Mussel, Vegetable & Herb Broth

Give this popular fish a royal treatment it deserves. Sweat down plenty of seasonal diced vegetables with fennel seeds then add a splash of white wine & Mussels (our new Loch Fyne ASC Hebridean Mussels will be spot on here). Once the Mussels have opened (don't forget to discard any that didn't), finish them with fresh herbs, butter & lemon. Sear your Sea Bass & place on top.

Cod in Crispy Seaweed & Cider Batter with Fried Samphire

For classic fish & chips, grab some of our lovely skinless & boneless Cod fillets (or replace with tail fillets if the purse strings are tight). Make the batter by combining cider with enough gluten-free self-raising flour to thicken it, then season with chopped mixed seaweed. Decorate with fried samphire, tartare sauce, pickles & mushy peas.

Seared Scallop Salad with Squid Ink Crisp

If you got King Scallop Meat on Splash, don't throw the roe away. Cook it together with tomatoes, garlic & olive oil to make shellfish dressing. Carefully sear Scallops in butter to form a nice golden crust but still keeping the inside juicy. Serve with a blossom salad of pea shoots & edible flowers, a few splashes of the shellfish dressing & a squid ink wafer on top.